Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where The Road Never Begins

Where the road never begins, never ends.
Where there's no distance, only nearness.
Where the Mind loses itself to the sky,
And the body is but a young tree swaying with the wind.
Where feet like pebbeles roll their way home,
Lips like petals unfurl.
The contours of the face are filled with your grace,
Where once was disillusion etched in every line,
There, now run rivulets of pristine bliss.
It's this youthful place, where the Mind and body cease to age...
The Song of the Sufi Masroof


Abhyudaya said...

Amazing poetry. Currently reading your novel Love Kills. Great skills you have. Review will be up on my blog soon.

Lubaina E. said...

Truly amazing.
I wonder if the Sufis believe in body ceasing to age after death.

Ismita Tandon said...

@Abhyuda, thank you so much for the book review and your generous praise! :) Appreciate it.

@Lubina, I think the body ceases to age or at least at very slow pace, once you are in sync with nature. It keeps you youthful. :)

anusia said...

Very nice poem. Liked the lines.

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