Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where The Road Never Begins

Where the road never begins, never ends.
Where there's no distance, only nearness.
Where the Mind loses itself to the sky,
And the body is but a young tree swaying with the wind.
Where feet like pebbeles roll their way home,
Lips like petals unfurl.
The contours of the face are filled with your grace,
Where once was disillusion etched in every line,
There, now run rivulets of pristine bliss.
It's this youthful place, where the Mind and body cease to age...
The Song of the Sufi Masroof

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Silence And Song

Sometimes I'm blinded by your beauty.
Sometimes, I'm blind to your play.

The blindness comes and goes,
Yet, when the sight returns it rejoices, dances like a fish,
In the clear water of the almond shaped pond.

A falling leaf seems like the flutter of a butterfly.
The light from the sky becomes the quilt of warmth.
The air all around, seeped in your mercy, fills the hunger of the soul.
And all that the eyes see, is both muted and bold, silence and song...

Image Credit: Tabeenah Anjum Quereshi

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Immersed in your beauty,
In the glory of your formless form,
Time slows to a trickle...endless, infinite, shackle-less.
Image Credit: Tabeenah Anjum Quereshi

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Old World

There's no wish to shine anymore,
I like it quiet...
Where once was the candle of love, flickering, day and night,
Only a gentle light remains burning from the inside.

Each day, little by little, 
The old world drifts away like a boulder loosened from a rock.

And sometimes when it gets too quiet, too melodious, too full,
There's no one left behind to label, to extol.

The Song of the Sufi Masroof

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I don't know how,
The Mind learnt to empty itself,
Now the shepherd and the sheep are one. 
Pain and pleasure are one.

That I searched knowingly, unknowingly, .
I don't know how,
But it comes looking for me,
Like a child rushing out of his hiding place; sudden and swift.

And so I smile at the deluge of His grace,
The insane bliss, the mindful forgetfulness...

The Song of the Sufi Masroof

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Beyond Words

In goodness the inner world is found,
Brick by brick, beam by beam.
When the subtle breeze of silence blows,
And clouds of quietude storm the skies,
There sprouts in the heart of man,
A seed of pure, unbounded joy…

Beyond words, lies their inherent nature,
Waiting to be tasted, salted, by a devout mind.

Image Credit: Aditya Raj Kaul

Thursday, May 15, 2014

An Occurrence

Between those who fall and fail,
And those who stand up to fight another day,
Is merely a difference of discipline.

See, how Mother Nature disciplines her children,
The golden orb rises and sets.
The psychic moon waxes and wanes.
Rain saunters in, stays a while, evaporates.
Wind blows, shrieks, and is still again.
Yet, the human-mind like unruly hair has never been combed,
Disciplined or taken to task.

The most brilliant minds,
With the sharpest intellect, have been laid to waste,
For wisdom is not a faculty of the intellect.

It’s pure, unadulterated knowledge; a knowing, an occurrence, a changing.  

The Song of the Sufi Masroof

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Go Deeper

You have to go deeper than the words,
Deeper than their actions,
Deeper than what you see and know to be true,
Deeper than the scent of nostalgia that keeps pulling you,
For, there are many beautiful faces, no less beautiful their spirit,
But their depth like a pond that overflows in the rain and dries in the heat,
Have little control over what's to come, to be,
And at that depth, you can neither dive nor drown,
And drown you must, for, it's the only way to swim your way up...
The Song of the Sufi Masroof

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


O Krishna,
Let me fling myself at your feet like a dancer spent.
Having spun and spun in circles,
Let me rest my humbled cheek, at the fragrant lotus of your feet.

The Song of the Sufi Masroof

Bare And Quiet

The allure of the night,
The soft morning light cant explain away.
Her enticing body draped in a sheath of blue.
Those beguiling eyes; kohl lined eyes.
That velvet smile
The half moon rising from its belly.

A quiet, stilling beauty, no sparkle, no stars.
Bare, despite the darkness that surrounds her.
Bare, the heart that rests in her, curls in her,
Smiles at her nudity, and its own.

The Song of the Sufi Masroof

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